About Me

……artist, sculptor, designer, traveler, photographer, fun lover……

All describe me in part, but the sum of the parts, I believe, weighs far more .... throw in a little humour and practicality ......and the results from the mix can be fantastic. I have a very diverse collection of talents and believe all of my creations benefit from my ability to select and combine each and every one.

Probably my greatest successes are in the field of interior design, specifically when I moved with my partner to the US, where I landed the plumb job of interior designer within the hallowed architectural company of JGA, Michigan specializing in retail design ….talk about land lucky… with some fantastic direction over the years from my colleagues …I swiftly attained senior designer. Working with JGA's blue chip clients such as Hershey’s on their Times Square flagship prototype, Brookstone on there country wide roll out prototype, through to my favorite, The North Face, between my colleagues, senior management and the north face team I was able to shine and be pivotal in producing two fantastic flagship stores one in Beverly Hills and one on Broadway, New York.

In a nut shell I love to design and to create…..it’s what I am …when other people are checking out the clothes in the store I’m checking out the fixtures, when others are sitting drinking on their bar stools I’m looking to see how the bar top is made…..subtly of course …..I’m not a freak!!!

Anyway enjoy my website, and please keep returning, it will be continually changing, growing and hopefully improving. Questions and comments are always helpful and welcome.